The Showman:

At one time Ryan Madden was "The World's Only Lounge Lizard Escape Artist" having traveled throughout North America in stadiums, theatres, corporate events, outdoor stages, and a variety of other venues. With his show, Ryan blends his diverse talents with magic and a unique comedy style that's wowed audiences across North America.


Ryan Madden began training as a magician/escape artist around 27 years ago with a particular focus on handcuffs and historical restraints from all around the world. His love of history lead to his performing in an Old Victorian styled circus sideshow. When he was with that show he honed his multiple talents to a level where not only did he learn how to play in front of audiences of all ages and sizes, but he also perfected how to work them into a frenzy.  His shows were renowned for giving those in attendance a welcomed respite where they could leave all their troubles and worries at the door.

In The Movies!

Ryan has worked in the TV & movie industry in front of and behind the camera. He has hand doubled doing magic tricks and performed on screen card dealing. Ryan has directed independent film and TV projects. and has had his hand in producing. Now most recently is deep diving into the world of post production VFX.


Over the many years Ryan has collected interesting objects from all of his travels to add to his already impressive arsenal of artifacts of the historical and eclectic nature. Now he works with the TV/movie industry renting out his objects and lending himself out as a consultant with magic and escapes. If you have a production that needs the realism that you deserve, do not hesitate to contact Ryan for rates.

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